The Voice

How does your voice feel like when you are talking or singing to an audience?

Like this?

Or like this?

Have you ever felt as if you are talking into a pillow? The voice isn’t reaching out properly.

Have you also reflected upon that earlier the same day, the voice was okay? This tells us that it isn’t a problem with the voice, but something else.
I have worked out why it gets so tricky with the voice sometimes. And designed effective techniques that can be used to solve the problems. It has got a lot to do with where you lay your presence.
A big part of good voice work is to bring out the voice that’s already there in the body. There are often tensions in the body or worries over how it will sound that holds the voice back.
I also teach exercises that strengthens the voice. A strong and clear sound it necessary for performers and desirable for all presenters and teachers.
Everyone feels better then, both the audience and the one who is speaking or singing.

I have a lot of experience in teaching voice on all levels and although I don’t teach singing as such, I often help singers to gain a voice that can both be heard and expresses more. That is telling us something. A voice to relax with. To enjoy.

Contact me to book regular sessions or a workshop where I can give you or your group the exercises you require.