Inspire people when you speak

Regardless of whether you are a presenter, teacher, stage performer or for any other reason presenting something in front of a group of people, this training will suit you. It will give you techniques on how to be present with your audience and how to engage them. You will develop your stage presence, learn how to manage the time before and after a performance, and discover how to make your voice work for both you and your audience. All of this will make you calmer and more confident, not just when approaching your task but also in your everyday life.


let go of your ego

be present with your audience

stage presence



enjoy being in the spotlight

the art of improvising


“I have been to many courses and seminars. But this has personally given me the most, both as a human being and at work.”

What a seminar!! I was euphoric when I got home, with a big smile on my face until I fell asleep. I feel so content and happy for the valuable tips you gave me Britt. You lead us with a safe and loving hand through the exercises. It increased my appetite for standing in front of people, something I never would have guessed.”

I am available as a Consultant and Personal Professional Coach in Sweden and abroad.


Britt Forsberg

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