How do you wish your audience to feel?

Would you like them to be inspired?

Maybe learn something new? Or be confirmed? Experience something? Laugh? Or cry?

Make them take initiative?

Regardless if your stage is a theatre stage, lecture hall, boardroom or other arena, isn’t it desirable to wish that something happens with the audience?

Is that not why you are there?

On stage.

It’s not strange that it is scary to stand there with everyone looking at you. It’s an enormous storm of energy that’s coming towards you. It is actually quite unnatural. But if we know how to handle it, something really beautiful can take place in the meeting with the audience. I like technique. You can trust technique. Feelings on the other hand can mess things up. But if we can use technique to take us to or from feelings, we can start to control this.

You can buy my book that quickly describes what happens when we present in front of an audience and how we can improve the presentation so that the message comes through.

I am available for one-to-one and group workshops and consultations.

During a typical session we would go through easy to apply methods to become present in yourself, your surroundings and other people. I also reveal some good techniques on how to achieve a good connection with the audience. 

A Powerful Presence session will help you to “shine on stage”.