Pop-Up Stage School

To act or not to act

That is the question

There are many who claim that they are not interested in theatre or think acting is unnecessary. If you then ask them if they have seen a film they like or if they are following any series on TV, it doesn’t long until we are standing there chatting with enthusiasm about our favourite films or about what we think will happen in the next episode. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t watch an actor every week. People need stories and reflections. We are so curious about how others do it. How they feel. What they believe. That helps me to think and feel. And believe. And things become clearer. Even if it’s just about laughing. Or crying.

I think theatre is really exciting. And it’s tricky to act. Because you are using yourself.
My interest and passion has driven me to develop methods that help the actor to find believable characters.

I am happy to go into an empty room and develop a performance without a ready script. It is wonderful to see a story take form from the people involved. Scripts are also exciting, as you work from the other end and need to find out what lies behind the chosen words.

The voice and the body are always involved and I put a lot of emphasis on the presence in yourself, with the others, the room, the audience and the world.
I teach physical, experimental and naturalistic acting techniques. You can choose if you want to work with or without a ready script.

The singer does also tell a story. To find the core of the song so that it really communicates with the listener, is special.

I can work with small or large projects as a teacher and/or director.

Contact me if you would like one to one coaching or in a group, and we will look at if we can sort this out geographically.
Pop-Up Stage School means that I travel with my stage school and it will be where you want it to be.