Physical Theatre 

I have always loved using my body, pushing boundaries and finding new expressions. Teachers who have taught and inspired me are masters from around the world, including Poland, India and Brazil. Apart from being inspired by different styles of physical theatre I have taken inspiration from dance, martial arts, parkour, tai-chi and yoga. The body’s possibilities are endless, and my curiosity is never satisfied.
On this course, you will gain a solid foundation that makes your body ready to communicate with an audience. We find inspiration from different styles and often work with music. The voice is also central, and you are given the chance to develop the voice in conjunction with your movements.
Exercises and improvisations will increase your creativity and your ability to create interesting scenes.


stage presence

physical training

pushing boundaries

creative flow

vocal training

act and react


I am available as a Consultant and                          

Personal Professional Coach in Sweden and abroad.


Britt Forsberg

Sweden: +46 (0)70 561 34 74