Where are you going to perform?

Mental and physical training is connected!

The mental capacity has got very much to do with the result. This is well known amongst everyone who has exposed themselves to performance situations.

The specific training to develop competence within your field has got it’s time and space. But if something comes up in your private life, there is a risk that it interferes with your performance. 

Many professional sportspeople and performers have at some point had the pleasant experience of when everything works on the arena or the stage.

They sometimes describe it as “to be one with everything”. Exactly! That’s when it works. When you function in your own body, with your colleagues and your audience. And at the same time manage to perform your specific tasks.

I have developed simple and effective methods that exercises the ability to conquer all this.

A Performing-Fit session with me contains physical training at the level of your choice. You will train to become present in the body and to let go of thoughts and judgements, which is often the reason why we can’t perform at our highest level. 

I work as a consultant and design the programme that suits you and your team.