GUSHI   means “Story” in Chinese and “Good Shit” in the urban dictionary.

The performance deals with insecurity, stress and blaming others … and yourself …

Horror over the provocative call: You can do what ever you want!!??

Not to judge others too harshly. Not to judge yourself too harshly.

Dare to see and to be seen. Simply dare to be simple.

Follow Gushi when he entertains and fills the performance with movements that express our vulnerability and strength.

Ibrahim is a circus artist, dancer and actor.

Musik: Viper


Gushi has grown through improvisation in collaboration between Britt and Ibrahim.

Britt and Ibrahim met on the theatre floor in November 2016 and discovered that they shared a stage language and decided to investigate what would happen if they started to work together. After three sessions and with a Cyr Wheel (a large aluminium ring) a story was revealed.

Gushi mixes dance, physical theatre, circus, clowning, comedy, tragedy and storytelling in symbiosis with each other, without the separate stage skills becoming individual acts.

The only spoken language is in Gibberish (a nonsense language) which makes the show possible for all to understand. In that way we can welcome an audience who speak different languages.


Please get in touch if you would like to tell us something or if you would like us to perform at your venue.

We are also available to share thoughts on the topics and feelings the performance evoke.


Looking forward to meeting you!