GUSHI – Parallella Universum

Ibrahim Tunc has already won people’s hearts in our first GUSHI performance, where he was compared with Charlie Chaplin and Sweden’s own clown Papphammar.
In GUSHI – Parallella Universum he is joined by four musicians.
Sven-Holger Rosenvinge is an established singer songwriter with beautiful lyrics, and he fills the room, together with his musicians, with songs that take us back and forward in time. Creating magic.
Ibrahim dances through the performance through his stage-persona Gushi, the vulnerable clown who shows human fear and clumsiness. But Gushi has the eagerness and perseverance of an explorer? It pays off. Through Ibrahim’s skill as an acrobat, Sven-Holger’s magic voice and the music we will see how Gushi flies and dances through the Parallel Universe many of us can feel and long for.

Sven-Holger & Skuggspelet NEW ALBUM! Gushi – Parallella Universum

Listen to the music from the performance (with some additional songs):  Click HERE

Ibrahim Tunc (circus acrobatics, dance, acting), Sven-Holger Rosenvinge (music composition, song, guitar),
Nikke Erlandsson (piano, accordion), Jonathan Ekvall (drums, percussion), John Wilstrand (bass guitar)

Directed by: Britt Forsberg