Britt Forsberg

Britt has worked with performing for over 30 years and her passion for the wellbeing of the one on stage and the one sitting in the audience, has driven her to work out how life can become better for all involved.

Through her experience as an actor, director, teacher, speaker, pupil and member of the audience has she looked at the concept from all angles. She is convinced that it is the ego that is causing problems and thanks to her having to work fast with many of her clients, her methods have become polished and are easy to understand and apply.

Britt’s experienced eyes detects what needs to be done to achieve best results.

She takes every situation seriously and finds creative solutions that work.  

Britt’s coaching tends to not only improve the presentation but her clients discover changes in their everyday life too… To the better!

She is now based in Gävle, Sweden, after been living in England for 24 years. That doesn’t mean everything she does stays in Gävle. Not at all. Her book is already on tour around the world and she tours with the show GUSHI that she recently directed.

Britt is always ready to go and coach in presentation skills, acting, directing, voice, movement and methods in self – confidence.

Don’t hesitate in contacting Britt. Good things happen around her.