About Britt 

I have worked as a teacher of Stage Performance for    35 years. I started in my home country of Sweden, I then lived and worked in England for 25 years before I returned to Sweden 2017. I have shared my knowledge with many people who now use my methods in the US, Italy, Germany and around the world.
I have developed my techniques through schools in physical theatre and theatre leadership and then by joining many workshops and received training from personal coaches from India, Sweden, Brazil and France to mention just a few.
I am fascinated by the differences and the similarities between cultures, and I strongly believe that we have a lot to learn from and to recognise in each other.

To be a teacher has always been number one for me. I am passionate about guiding my students through the journey towards learning and mastering a new technique. Through my experience as an actor and a teacher, I know what it is like to be on stage, and like a researcher, I have turned every stone to master the techniques I teach. Exploring and developing my techniques is something that I carry on doing, because I believe that there is always something new to learn. But despite new discoveries, I always focus on the core foundational techniques that I have been using for decades, because they work. I believe in clear techniques. Within strict frames there is room for real creativity, and it is only then that we can discover the creative side within us.

I am available as a Consultant and Personal Professional Coach in Sweden and abroad.




Britt Forsberg


Sweden: +46 (0)70 561 34 74