Britt Forsberg

Train for Stage and Life

My name is Britt Forsberg and I am a teacher of Presentation, Stage Performance, Acting, Voice and Physical Training. I am also a Theatre Director. After 25 years in England I am now based in Gävle in Sweden, but I teach around the world both digitally and in person.

                      My focus is now to spread my unique method of  Drop-a-level to all, regardless of activity, as it helps us to let go of unnecessary judging of oneself and each other. I have noticed what happens to people and groups when they apply the method and that is the reason why I have faith in the future. We function much better when we reduce the mess of unnecessary opinions of one another. I think it’s time to bring out everyone’s knowledge and talent, in both small and large contexts.

 Have a look around my website and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to find out more!


All The Best


Britt Forsberg
Sweden: +46 (0)70 561 34 74