Britt Forsberg

Train for Stage and Life

My name is Britt Forsberg and I am a teacher of Presentation, Stage Performance, Acting, Voice and Physical Training. I am also a Theatre Director. After 25 years in England I am now based in Gävle in Sweden, but I teach around the world both digitally and in person.

My focus is now to spread my unique method of Powerful Presence to all, regardless of activity, as it helps us to let go of the ego. I have noticed what happens to people and groups when they apply the method and that is the reason why I have faith in the future. Most people are kind with good intentions. It’s just that the ego, which most of the time are inherited and habitual behaviours, interferes. I really believe it’s time to bring out everyone’s knowledge and talent, in both small and large contexts.

 Have a look around my website and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to find out more!


All The Best


Britt Forsberg
Sweden: +46 (0)70 561 34 74