Who’s your audience?

Which one is your stage?

Stage fright?


You are not alone.

My name is Britt and I have worked out a code that helps us to see and sense better and to be seen and be sensed better – and do you know what – it is really surprisning how harmless most situations occur – the ones that were so scary previously.

The code is in my book. It will help you, not just on stage but also on the real stage – life.

How would it be if you or your workplace took a sigh of relief approaching presentations, performing and meetings and started to function for real with what really matters. In other words with what you want with your work, presentations or meetings. Or life. Powerful Presence

I would love to come as a consultant to help.

If you would like to work with the voice and the body, then I have methods to help you find flexibility and strength so that you can enjoy it and move on.

The Voice     Performing Fit

I also teach acting skills and direct performances. Pop-Up Stage School

The show I have recently directed is called GUSHI and it’s “…about us who are a little bit too scared to live…”

Contact me so that we can sort something out that suits you!


Britt Forsberg
UK +44 7745 007 584
SWE +46 70 561 34 74